Aladaglar Mauntains 



Anatolia is an ancient and beautiful region which has hosted a variety of civilizations from prehistory to the present day.

In addition to its historical depth, it adds beauty to its beauty with the mountains in its territory.

Located in south Anatolia, the Taurus Mountain range stretches along the Mediterranean. The Aladağlar (Anti-Taurus Mountain region) – with its great glory – sits in the middle of the Taurus range.

Turkish mountaineers consider the Aladağlar a temple where all kinds of mountaineering activities can be done.

There are more than 30 peaks over 3,500 meters tall in the Aladağlar. The highest is Kizilkaya Zirvesi Peak with a height of 3,767 meters. However, the most well known by mountaineers and the locals is Demirkazik Peak at 3,756 meters tall. Demirkazik means ‘Polar Star’ and is considered sacred in the mythology of the local indigenous people.

Apart from mountaineering activities, Aladaglar also sparks attention with its fauna and flora.

The real owner of the Aladaglar are the goats. The mountain goat featured in our logo is one of the most important elements of Turkish mythology and the ancient belief system.

In Aladağlar, we guide you in hiking, trekking, summit climbing, and camping activities.

If you want to experience the magic of Aladağlar – hike in its valleys, swim in its lakes, and feel its spirit and soul – please contact us for the detailed program of our tours.